Hello from restoration garage

Hello my name is Thomas Douglas and i was a principal character on the tv show restoration garage on discovery velocity for 4 seasons. I thought we might be able to work together by having me as a guest.
Thank you.

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Thomas , I guess you are trying to contact the CarTalk show. That has not had a new episode for years .

A little late for that, the last “live” show was Nov. 8, 2014. and that was a tribute to the passing of Tom Magliozzi who passed away Nov. 3, 2014.

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Your welcome to be a contributor on the forum.

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Yeah but we don’t get paid very much. The plus side is we don’t get any of those nasty 1099 forms to deal with.


I don’t so much mind the 1099s because they tell income!

.[quote=“Bing, post:5, topic:134331”]
Yeah but we don’t get paid very much

I don’t know about you, but I get a full 60 minutes per hour!

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Suggest you contact Car Talk directly, via a snail mail letter to the address below. And it might good a good idea to contact NPR too. I expect NPR would like to host another Saturday morning call-in show about car diagnosis & repair & humor, if they could find the right hosts. It’s that last part that’s the hard part.

Car Talk Plaza, Box 3500 Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02238.

Gone? Please be a regular.

Hey everyone. I wasnt expecting a forum in my honor lol