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Heavy vibration on the clutch peddle when accelerating in gears 2 through 6

Heavy vibration on the clutch peddle, but only when accelerating above 2k RPM. I had it diagnosed as a DMF, due to a clicking noise occurring in the top quarter of clutch releasing. However I have just had the clutch and DMF changed today and the Vibration has stayed. I collected the car at 1 and the garage was shut from then until monday morning, I’m just trying to find out what it could possibly be if its not down to something they haven’t done properly.

Any advice would be appreciated. Car is a 56 plate BMW 120D

So DMF is a dual mass flywheel… What is a


Your BMW has an accumulation of DMF?

Also, please bear in mind that this is a US-based forum, so most of us have no clue regarding a “56 plate”, which I suspect to be a unique UK bit of terminology.

Can you try to give us a more… universal… description?

Sorry, I didn’t realise it was a US based forum- My bad. 2007 year. The DMF is a dual mass fly wheel, for a manual car it controls the torque, I believe. I

All I can say is give the garage that did the work another opportunity to fix the problem.

Did they change the throw-out bearing when they did the flywheel?

I assume that the bearing is a part of the clutch kit isnt it?