1999 Accord new clutch problems!

Had my original clutch replaced by mechanic. Had 200K on it. Car clutch petal vibrates badly when bringing clutch pedal out after shifting. Mechanic states it has to do with motor mounts that were affected when changing clutch or the clutch takes time to seal and stop vibrating in the next 500 miles. I have warranty for 12 months and 12,000 miles. But shop wants another $220 to fix motor mounts? Which i had no problem of vibration before having clutch replaced? Please give advice on what is the problem and how to proceed. Thanks Summs

I think the mechanic may have reversed, which side of the clutch plate faces the flywheel.

I could be wrong though…maybe others would know if your clutch could be reversed. Some can only fit one way, others will be stamped “flywheel this side”.


You may have bad mounts but what you are describing sounds like clutch chatter. Was the flywheel resurfaced/replaced? There is a possibility that the tech got a bad part or impropery put it all back together. I would talk with the shop ask for their diagnosis in writing and what they will offer if it is not fixed. At 200k the mounts are probably worn out I would authorize the mounts on the condition that if the problem is not solved the shop will make further repairs at their expense.Personally I think your new clutch is the problem.


I think the shop may have used the wrong clutch plate. Many vehicles of this era were switching over to dual mass flywheels. In the older type clutch, the clutch plate has damper springs in it. The newer type using the dual mass flywheel does not use damper springs.

The dual mass flywheels are generally smoother, but they do wear out. So the problem could be that you do not have a dual mass flywheel and the new clutch plate does not have damper springs or the you do have a dual mass flywheel and the flywheel is worn out, but the worn out flywheel wasn’t a problem with the older clutch, but it is aggravated with the newer clutch plate. The issue might clear up when the new clutch plate wears in a little, or it might not.

I do not think new motor mounts will solve the problem, but just because they are newer and the rubber is more compliant, they might help absorb the vibrations so you don’t feel them as much.