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Noise from clutch after 70% pressed

Hello friends,
I have a manual transmission 2007 Toyota Yaris 1.4 D-4D hatchback. Replaced the clutch few days ago (original AISIN brand). I hear a ‘tatatata’ type of noise (like something is loose or shaky, not really loud but also not ignorable) from transmission/clutch region under these circumstances:

  • Car is moving at any speed, in any gear.
  • Gas pedal released (or pressed, does not matter),
  • Start pressing clutch pedal: starting from around 70% pressed to all the way down (including fully pressed), the noise is heard.
  • In normal cruise, in any gear, reduce gas (not cut off completely), as rev keeps being reduced, at some point, same noise is heard.
  • Single ‘tk’ sound is heard twice (while pressing and releasing clutch pedal) while changing gears regularly (since clutch is passing that point).
    It is like there is a sweet spot of clutch engagement point that generates the sound. Noise was there before I replaced the clutch but it is amplified since then.
    What may be the cause?
    Best regards.

Hi redbullah:
I believe the “Yaris 1.4 D-4D” means your Yaris has the diesel engine. If that’s true, then it very likely has a dual-mass flywheel.

Those dual-mass flywheels have been known to be problematic. Often the springs between the two halves of the flywheel break or become dislodged and can cause the noise you describe. Other times the flywheel problems result in driveability issues.

It’s not always easy to remove the flywheel and inspect it with one’s eyes and hands. Sometimes it takes a lot of force on it to duplicate the issues you experience under load.

Hi JoeMario, thanks for the input.
It sounds probable that the issue is related to the flywheel. I am not sure if the flywheel is dual-mass as you have mentioned, I will check it. If so, can this be solved by a flywheel replacement (or is flywheel repairable)?
My other question is, can such a faulty flywheel cause damage to the clutch components?
What parts should I suspect other than the flywheel?

Hi Redbullah:
Yes, dual-mass flywheels are available to buy and to replace. They are expensive. The challenge is that when you take out the old one, it’s not always obvious that the old flywheel is defective.

A defective dual-mass flywheel usually will not damage any clutch components, unless the defect causes the clutch to not release.

What parts should I suspect other than the flywheel?
What did you already replace? I assume it was the clutch disk, pressure plate, and throwout bearing/bushing.

Yes, exactly those parts.