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2006 Jetta TDI (automatic) 1.9L 4 Cyl

Just bought a very well maintained 2006 Jetta TDI. Car makes a slight scratching noise ONLY in park and neutral. Shifts just fine drives like a charm. Was told it could be the DMF or the Clutch. What parts need to be replaced? Common problem in this car. Also, would it be ok to drive on for 2 months until I can afford to repair?

Maybe you should see a mechanic now.If you wait longer,you could get a bigger repair bill.

Went to a Mechanic who specializes in Volkswagen only. He put a stethoscope down in the engine bay area, took a listen and said its the DMF with some play. He says its definitely not terrible at all and I could let it go for a month or two. Looking for a good solid answer (:

You got the best answer you are going to get. Accept it. I certainly would.
A mechanic with a scope beats a dozen folks on the internet with no actual hands-on experience with your actual car

Thanks my friend I’ll stick with the advice from the mechanic :slight_smile:
Anyone else feel free to give input (Maybe suggestions on aftermarket Dual mass flywheels that are trustworthy or share your similar experiences!)

Its the telltale chirping of the DMF… My GTi is on jack stands at the moment for the same thing…

How long did you let it go for, did it get progressively worse? Mine is pretty slight at the moment but noticeable in park/neutral

Mine chirped for a little about one week? I knew what it was and thought Hmmm I should look into this soon… Then it failed completely. When mine failed, it uncoupled the engine from the trans essentially which is how these fail. Its not too major (in a mechanical catastrophe type o sense), but it is very very annoying…

Name one other maker who has flywheels failing in any manner which leaves you stranded (or any other manner really), if you can name one at all.

Damn one week… mileage? Mechanic telling me should be fine for month or two. If it fails while driving through city will it cause major damage? If I had the money I would replace it now but literally just bought this car.

Also was it making noise only in park/neutral? I really do appreciate your information by the way :slight_smile:

It will chirp when it is unloaded and silent when loaded… Sure you could go a month, a week, a day? No one can tell you what the self destruct timer is set to on this so, just be aware of that. When it goes fully, you will know…and your vehicle wont go anywhere else that day, except maybe to the repair shop.

As a mechanic, I call this an annoyance but for “regular folk” I could imagine torches, pitch forks and tar scenarios however and they wouldn’t be wrong.

Well fingers crossed It will go 2 weeks at the least or I’ll be out a lot of money.

You have my sympathies… Silly nay stupid design… Along with their torque to yeild bolts as well…dont get me started on THAT subject

Although that does invite some advice… If someone does this work for you, they must change any torque to yield bolts that hold the trans in the engine bay… A VW shop knows this quite well, but an independent shop will not be used to bolts that are “one time use only” because, well, that’s just silly now isn’t it? Yes, yes it is…

Got me freaking out thinking I’m gonna completely loose this car after paying good money on it… The car is in mint condition literally inside and out 1 owner

Aah, you will be OK. Its unfortunate and a little odd we are even discussing a clutch and a DMF on an automatic transmission…so these are strange times indeed.

Most people on here would rightly consider a flywheel rather trouble free part of a vehicle… VW found a way around that for us however.

I’d label the service life to be between 100-150K miles…which is sort of OK I guess. While you are in there… you also have two clutch plates to pay attention to… don’t let the DMF steal all the limelight. New clutches as going in as well ?

It really is strange to even be discussing dry clutches on an Auto trans vehicle…maybe you need to be a mechanic to see the dark humor here, but again… VW found a way.

Wait a second.
I don’t think the OP’s transmission is an automatic, but rather an automaticly shifted DSG gearbox, as VW and their associates has been using DM flywheels since late nineties on both manual and DSG 'boxes.
I have seen a VW Passat and an Audi A6, where the DM flywheel disintegrated and blew the bell housing in pieces too - which equals a new transmission.
Over here you can by conversion kits so you go back to use a REAL flywheel. Maybe that’s an option for the OP too.
Those DM flywheels are a rotating disaster, waiting to happen.

It only does it in Park and neutral and it isn’t very loud… extremely worried about losing a car -_- …

That would be the telltale sign of a DM flywheel, telling you I’m ready to blow up in your face, just give me one chance.
First of all, Find out what transmission is in Your car.
DSG = DM flywheel
old fashioned automatic transmission = no flywheel, but a flexplate instead.
IF it is a DSG, I recommend that You get it fixed at the earliest possible moment.

Its a dsg… had a guy that works on only Volkswagen who came from a VW dealer tell me the car should be fine. He took a listen with stethoscope… I just need the car to last 2 weeks at the most. 95,000 miles

Drive it gently and visit the church tomorrow + cross Your fingers. I wish You the best of luck.
Do Yourself a favor and ask the guy who’s gonna fix it, if a conversion kit to old style flywheel is available in USA. It’ll probably cost the same and You won’t regret it.