Heavy engine sound while accelerate


I am Javeed from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
i am using Honda civic 2008 and i notice that while i accelerate the car at first time i hear the heavy engine sound while comparing to the other car
all the oils has been changed recently
kindly please suggest a good answer to this question

your earliest reply will be highly appreciated

Have your exhaust checked for leaks and engine checked for broken motor mounts. An engine that shifts too much under load can over-flex the exhaust joints and cause a momentary leak.

I’m not sure what you mean by a heavy engine sound. Can you describe it?

Try accelerating slowly to determine if the noise goes away. If it’s still there then you need to have a mechanic check out the problem. If it disappears, then you’re over accelerating the engine.

How many miles does the car have on it?
Is this car new to you? Do you know anything about its history?
Has there been any recent work done on the car?
Can you better describe the sound? Is it a knocking sound? A chugging sound? A raspy sound?