Heavy engine sound in honda civic 2008

Hi All

before there was a problem in my car like when ever i was accelerating the car i feel that there is a heavy engine sound and i consult the mechanic some said me that the engine mounts to be replaced and some said that spark plug to be replaced [Present ODO Meter is 124,000 km]
but now i am feeling that when i am initially accelerating the car [“without turning on AC”] It gives some sound from the silencer and the car is moving slowly and car is shaking
when i am turning the AC on it shakes very badly and even though it is moving like a tortoise at the initial stage even though i accelerate later it is moving fast

Please explain me the problem with the car

your earliest reply will be highly appreciated

More than likely, the spark plugs do need to be replaced.
A clogged catalytic converter is also a possibility, as is a partially-clogged fuel filter or a weak fuel pump.

And, Hondas have a history of motor mount problems, so replacing the mounts is also a strong possibility.

Is the Check Engine Light lit up?
If it is, you need to have somebody (an auto parts store or a mechanic) “read” the stored trouble codes as a first step toward remedying the engine performance problem. From afar, nobody can accurately pinpoint the problem.

+1 to VDC’s post.

Were the plugs replaced at 100k miles? If not I would start there and the motor mounts. Neither seems outrageous and seems to be right. Old plugs are going to kill you performance and with the ac on at idle it will be very noticeable.