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We live in WI most of the year. I had my 99 Caddie serviced at the dealer in last fall. They fixed the heater which had not been working.

Now we’re in FL and the air doesn’t work. Is the dealer at fault?

Are you asking if its the Dealers fault you now live in Florida?

It’s impossible to even guess from here, especially since you’ve provided no clue as to what was wrong with the heat. It’s a 10 year old car, anything is possible.

My guess is that the AC fluid has escaped into the atmosphere past a tired old seal and it needs to be repaired and repressurized.

I’m having a hard time diagnosing the car from a distance of 1,700 miles.
Can you park it closer to your computer?


Seriously, however, it is not possible to give an opinion on this problem, given the lack of details.
And, of course, the age of the car presents many possibilities for the source of the problem.

Agreed, not enough info. In what manner does it not work ? I had my freon leak out over the winter months on two different years. AC worked great all summer yet after the winter passed it didn’t work the next summer…lost it’s freon. The little o-ring seals contract in the cold and get less pliable.

The good news is Florida is a very good place to service the A/C.  They have lots of people who understand and service them.
 Thanks, all.  I called the Wis service mgr, who said that the heater fix involved getting it to work on both sides of the car.  It had been heating one side only.
 So it sounds like they weren't at fault, and as some of you noted, we must have had a Freon leak, & that's not related to the service last fall.