My car's A/C


Must be posessed.

It randomly died on me three nights ago. I parked in my driveway Sunday night and when I turned the A/C off, it was blowing cold. When I started it Monday, it was blowing hot. I put my gauge set on it and they showed ZERO. The system somehow emptied out overnight…

Three days of working for hours in this horrible heat wave, and over 5lbs of Freon later (two full system charges including one can of R134a/UV Dye blend), it works again. No leak… At all. I even leak checked it… five times. In the dark under UV light. No leak found. But it’s holding pressure, and blowing cold.

Any theories as to where the refrigerant went? And what kind of likely hood I have that I may experience it again?


My guess is a loose Schreader valve. It may still be loose, so I would check to make sure they are tight. One of them may have also become dislodged, and refilling the system restored it’s position. As I said, just a guess.