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Heat and A/C system noise

My exlporer heat and A/C system has been making “ticking or flapping” noises for sometime. So, to make it stop I would turn fan to full blast and it would stop and the heater would function fine after that. Last week we hasd a warm spell and I switched to A/C (going through the same process to stop the noise). All was well until I tried to switch back to heat after the warm spell, and now I get nothing but cold air. The noise will only stop when I turn the temp dial to the cold side, but either way, all I get is cold air. Is this something I can fix, and if not what am I looking at for repair cost? I’m FREEZING!!!

You didn’t say what year your Explorer is. It sounds like a problem with your air temperature blend door. It could just be the electric servo assembly that moves it, but it is not too uncommon for part of the door itself to break (and your symptoms match that).
The parts cost is not too expensive, but the labor will be high because most of the dash has to come apart.

Thanks for the information. The explorer is a 2002 if that makes a difference. When you say the most of the dash off, what part? Can I get to it if I take off the console cover? Also, how would I recognize which part is broken?
Thanks again.

You need to try one of the Explorer specific forums. This problem comes up quite a bit, and they might better be able to explain it. Also, I have seen a cheaper work-around published that restores most of the operation of the system without removing the dash.

You can get to the electric servo without much trouble. However, you have to take everything apart (I think you even have to drop the steering column) to get to the air door to change it out.