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02 ford explorer no heat

Hey guys,

long time listener first time emailer. I live on Colorado and winter is quickly approaching and I have no heat. I have an 02 explorer, my ac works great, my vents work great, they just blow cold air when I turn the knob to heat. Here’s the thing, when I turn the temp knob even slightly into the red I begin to hear a clicking sound comming from behind the dash, and it’s a strong clicking noice that I can feel when I put my hand on the dash. My questions to you guys… What is making the clicking noice? What’s the most inexpensive way to go about fixing it? How much should said fixing cost me? Hope to hear from you soon, it’s getting colder everyday. Thanks for your time gentlemen.

That noise is probably coming from the blend door control motor. The blend door is what provides cool or heated air into the passenger cabin depending on the setting selected. So the blend may be stuck, or the motor is malfunctioning.


How would I go about fixing this? I have decent mechanical knowledge, would I be able to do the job myself?

First, here’s what it looks like,

If the vehicle has the manual vent system, remove the panel below the steering wheel under the dash. Remove the trim filler panel between the dash and steering column. Stick your head under the dash and look up towards the passenger side. You’ll see the blend door motor.

If the vehicle has the automatic vent system, this motor is located on the other side of the dash. And if that’s the case, it looks like a major pain to get at. Let’s hope you have the manual vent system.


Yup, it is either the blend door motor or the blend door itself.

so how do I stop it from making the noise? do I replace it or can i jerry rig it?