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Heater off but still blows hot air continuously

I have a 97 Explorer. When the heater/AC is off, it still blows hot air & we can’t figure out how to make it stop. We’ve tried adjusting the temp, but it only goes from 15* - 32*& it’s stuck on C*. The message panel on the floor (where you check gas mileage, oil, etc) doesn’t work, So idk if that’s how we would change any heater settings?
It really sucks when it’s hot outside & we have hot air blowing on us!

The problem is most likely with the Electronic Automatic Temperature Control Module.

This is basically a small computer that controls all the functions of the HVAC system.

As far as the message center not working, check fuse #9, 10 amps, and fuse #10, 7.5 amps located in the interior fuse box to see if either are blown.


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OK. Ill try that & see if it does the trick. Thanks.

Might want to check the blend door operation. Not uncommon for the actuator to fail due to stripped gears. Then it can’t swing the door to adjust the temperature coming out of the vents.

What & where is that?

Blend door is under the dash in the air distribution box. When you turn from hot to cold a little motor should move the blend door.

You can google 97 ford explorer blend door actuator and find numerous examples. Here’s a link to 98 explorer but i think its the same as yours. You can take it out, plug cable back in and adjust temp with key on. The actuator shaft should rotate. Then try moving door by hand to make sure not broken or jammed.

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I changed fuse #9, and #10 didn’t even have a fuse in it. I put one in it, started it up & adjusted the temp up & down but the temp stays hot, and won’t change from dash vents. I did notice that faint thumping sound, but I’m not sure if it’s always done it & we didn’t notice, or it started after putting fuse back in. Tomorrow we’re going to check it all out.
The model we have is digital display with buttons. The temp is stuck on C*. Is there any way to change it to F*?

The thumping is a good indicator that the actuator gears are stripped.

Try pushing and holding the buttons for automatic and defrost simultaneously and see if the temp reading changes units…

My husband said he tried that & didn’t do anything.

I looked up the Owner’s Manual for your explorer on the Ford site. Here’s the section on page 36 that explains how to select F or C:

So I tried what you said, ( & what my husband said he did) and I got it switched lol. Thanks !