Heat/cool- ford explores

1997 Exp- c. 112K miles. On just completed trip, the temp gauge registered fine-but the a/c did not really cool (was cool outside), and would cycle between warm and cool air. On the “heat” setting, the output was really very warm- similar to those wall mounted hand dryers. What could be the cause?

There may be a problem with the refrigerant level in the AC system. The problem could also be with the vent doors not moving to the correct position, possibly due to a vacuum leak. Most vent door systems use the vacuum from the engine to operate the air blend doors.

The 97 Explorer is one year that has the blend door problem, a vane that cracks at the actuator. I modified my 97 with a hole in the plenum that can be accessed through the glove box giving me a summer and winter position. The alternative is a $900 repair. The whole dash has to come out to install a new plenum. There are other things you can try at www.explorer4x4.com by searching under blend door. Don’t waste your time here.