my 98 ford ranger only blows hot air .when i rotate temperature control knob there is a sound of a creaking door behind dash but only hot air blows even if i turn on ac, any ideas

The knob controls two wires. One moves the blend door, which is probably the sound you hear. The other controls the heater core valve - that wire might be broken or have slipped off, so the valve is staying open when it should close. That valve should be somewhere under the dash on the passenger side, but you’ll have to consult a vehicle-specific diagram to see where exactly it is.

Your Ranger doesn’t have a heater control valve.

The vent system controls whether hot or cold air enters the passenger cabin depending on the position of the blend door. And the blend door is controlled via the blend door actuator.


This is such a common problem with Ford vehicles,that you could probably go to Youtube and see a video on how to replace the blend door actuator.