2019 Ranger Heat/AC Same Temp

Hey Guys,

I have a 2019 Ford Ranger XLT that has been perfect up until last weekend. Both the AC and Heat now blow at the same temperature, and thankfully that temperature is relatively comfortable. There is also no dual climate system.

This is what I’m experiencing:

  • The air coming out of the dash is the same temp, regardless of settings, and regardless if the engine is warm or not. The entire time I was testing the system, the air was the exact same temperature.
  • The strength of the airflow is great, and it’s consistent with what you set it to.
  • Wherever I route the air (to the windshield, my feet, or the rear), it ends up coming out the same temp.
  • Both the passenger and driver’s side air is the same temp
  • If I turn the air completely off while running heat, there is a brief grinding sound behind the center of the dash
  • If the heat is running and I turn the dial to cold, several quick clicks are made behind the dash
  • If I turn the air completely off while running AC, no weird sound is made at all. If I am running the AC, and I turn the dial to hot, there is an actuator sound, but no changes in air temp.


  • Bad blend door actuator? (stripped gear?)
  • A/C could need charge? (I haven’t used it in a while since it’s winter now. Would that affect heat at all?)
  • Refrigerant leak?
  • Bad Tstat?

I don’t know much about car diagnostics, so I could be completely wrong with my guesses.

I haven’t taken anything off or apart yet, but I was hoping to get some ideas before I just start digging into my dash.

Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated!

My silly question is - Are still in the warranty period ? If you are then use it .

From your other posts do you really feel comfortable taking the dash apart without really knowing what you need to fix ?

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With the grinding noise, that’s what I would suspect.


@VOLVO-V70 It is no longer in the warranty period, so I’m not able to do that.

And yeah, I have no reservations doing it myself, depending on what needs to be done. That’s why I don’t want to start taking things apart yet. I want to see what the most likely issues may be, and then find out how much work it’ll take to do it. Then I’ll decide on if I’m doing it myself.

@VOLVO-V70 I may have chosen poor wording lol. I have no intention of taking anything apart until I’ve got a solid guess

just so you know…
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