2006 Ford Ranger - Just heat

New problem. Only heat comes out of vents. Temp control knob set to max cool doesn’t doo any good. Need to run A/C on Max to make interior comfortable.

It sounds like you have a faulty heater control valve. Go on YouTube and see Chris Fix go through a diagnosis scheme that includes the valve. I believe he shows this on a system similar to yours.

It was nice of the Ranger to have this problem now, rather than August :slight_smile:

Do the engine compartment fans turn on whenever the AC is enabled?

it could be a stuck blend door. blend door actuator could be bad,

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this is for a 1996 ranger but you will get the general idea.


On a Ford Ranger it’s a blend door, and they do break.

There is a heater bypass valve to shut off the water to the heater core, but it only activates on Max A/C

Ford Rangers only have 1 fan, and it’s belt driven.

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Belt driven engine fan? Surprising for a 2006, thanks for the info, good to know.