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2009 Ford Ranger only blows cold air on Max AC

2009 Ford Ranger blows only cold air in max a/c mode regardless of where the temp control is set. It blows only hot air in all other modes regardless of where the temp control is set.

Probably have a mode door issue and it is not moving correctly .

So what is your question?

Why is it doing this? Where should I take it to get it fixed? How do I fix it myself? Will one of you guys come to my house and fix it? Which one?

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More than likely there’s a problem with the HVAC control module.


What is wrong and how do you fix it.

The other 2 posters have 2 good suggestions. Find the mode door and how it is actuated… a push pull cable or electric actuator. It is under the dash and may need replacing as might the HVAC control module.

You do that? I’ll keep that in mind :wink:

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I asked… I didn’t offer… :wink:

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Looks like it uses vacuum distribution from the mode control to shuffle things around. This could mean a leak in a vacuum line, vacuum canister, or the control panel itself. My guess would be the control panel. If it’s anything like Ford’s EATC units there may be a number of irritating tiny O-rings in there; any of which are prone to leaks. The EATC units are rebuildable. I do not know if the manual control is. Likely not.

To narrow it down may involve a vacuum tester, smoke machine, and a Helms manual. Weighing that cost against an educated guess it might be faster and cheaper to guess at the control unit. I do not know the limits of your mechanical expertise so it’s difficult to say plow ahead and start following vacuum lines and so on.


I just looked up the HVAC system for this vehicle.

And everything is electronically controlled.


My gut feeling was that the controls are electronic only. That’s why I pulled up one for sale on eBay. It shows the color coded vacuum lines have been snipped off (lower left) along with the other wiring. Several others I pulled up also showed vacuum nipples on the ones without connectors. I’ve never had occasion to tear into a 2009 Ranger so I can’t speak definitely.


After some investigation, it appears to be a blend door problem. This is the hot/cold control. Either the actuator or the control panel resistor.

Had 1 carn no ac at low speed, but fine on the highway, turned out the fan was not actually working, blower resister.