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What can I expect to pay to replace eadliner in 2004 Jetta with sunroof to replace the headliner?

Call your local auto upholstery shop and get an estimate. If there’s more than one shop, get several estimates. Prices vary widely, so we can’t give you an accurate number for your location, wherever that may be.

Why does the headliner need to be replaced?

There may be a less expensive alternative to replacement, but you haven’t told us what’s wrong.

Liner is separating from corners by back window and around rear light.

Think chop-sticks (tools to position headliner) and super glue to hold it there…

Five to six hundred. Some places charge less.

Upholstery screws, available at fabric stores for a buck or two, will hold up the sagging headliner.

Save your money.

It won’t be cheap. I know for an old Chevy truck, parts only run around $300, so a VW with a sunroof will be really expensive. Try considering alternatives, like upholstery screws mentioned before. Auto parts stores sell boxes of them. They sold through a supplier called Dorman Help! and usually come in a package of 20 or so for a few dollars.

I would expect the headliner job in the Jetta is not much different than the job on any other German car of this vintage (I am thinking of BMW 3-5-7 series cars. Removing the headliner was always the first part of putting in a new sun/moonroof cassette,not the hardest part. The headliner ends up comming out the right rear door (I hope your car has a right rear door)The hard part is not getting the new headliner soiled with the oil or grease on your hands. GM would pay us a right at 2.0 hours to put a headliner in a Tahoe or Suburban. Interior work never paid really well. Of the interior trim work I did perhaps 5% of it was customer pay. People seem to live with the defect if it is out of warranty, but the slightest imperfection while in warranty got the fix applied to it.