Anybody have a fix for a dull headlight. the one still looks like new and the other is dull. Plastic 96 jeep. A guy at the junkyard told me a little anti freeze on a rag work just polish the headlight and it looks new again. Well that does work but only temporarily. Anybody have a better solution? Thanks

I used a similar product on my headlights and got good results.

Sylvania makes a product that not only polishes away the haze, but has a UV protectant to apply after you are done. This keeps the haze from coming back. Antifreeze or any other oily substance just kinda makes the haze look better temporarily. Aftermarket headlights haze over very quickly, I know been there done that. They do not have as good of UV coating as OEM.

PlastX from Meguiar’s worked fine for me on some mild hazing.