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Headlights- foggy plastic lens - Any quality cleaning product?

The plastic lens covering the headlights are very foggy. Is there any quality cleaning products available? Not sure if using the wet sandpaper method is reliable. thanks

There are a number of products out there such as MeGuiars but I have yet to see anything that really works well over the long term.
About the best that can be said is that it helps a tiny bit for a short while.

The problem is not just the outside of the lens. The problem affects the inside of the lens and the reflector backing, with the latter turning dull and dark due to bulb heat.
The only real solution is new headlamps or have the units disassembled and restored. Both are somewhat pricy options.

This problem has been around for decades and if glass were used instead of plastic the headlights would remain bright. My 87 Sable suffered this problem, my 87 Merkur XR4 has it, and both Lincoln Marks I have suffer the same thing. The Marks are especially bad due to the squinty headlights.

I’ve very successfully used automotive polishing compound with a drill attachment (a simple buffing pad) and plenty of water.

I’ve also read here that waxing the lenses would prolong the clarity. If I do any more lense I’m going to wax them.

Several people have previousely posted that the products work for a while (weeks to several months) then the lenses fog again. Has anyone tried putting on a headlight protecting film after they polish the headlight? It might keep the haze away for a lot longer. I haven’t tried it, but it would seem worth a try. Here’s one maker:

I have hard good results on this site for

Can second the polishing compound plus electric drill with buffing attachment. Got majority of haze out with a little elbow grease.

Ditto. Every time you drive in the rain with your lights on you bake another layer of dried dirt onto those plastic lenses. Buffing it off works, but it is a pain to do. I suspect some kind of wax coating would help, but be careful because Armor-All makes it way worse. I wonder if Rain-X would help. The haze looks like it is on the inside, but it is often on the outside.

Tried the MeGuiars One Step kit on some seven year old headlight lens covers on a 2003 Hyundai Accent. They were pretty bad. Probably would not pass state inspection. Buffed for about two hours. It was a total flop. Took it back and exchanged it for the 3M Kit. The 3M Kit worked, but it took about four hours to get a “fair” result. Final results were “OK”, but not great. Another Saturday afternoon shot!