Let there be light

Last winter, whenever turning left or right (Only in cold temperatures) my headlights switch to the brights. This went away during the summer. Now that we are back in cold temperatures it is happening again. I changed the fuses for all the lights but the problem remains. Any ideas what this could be or how to easily fix it. Gotta love Pontiac. (Said with THICK sarcasm).

What year Pontiac? You need to include detailed info about your vehicle to get a better answer to your question. Just a shot in the dark here…but you probably have a bad multi-function turn signal switch. Most GM products with a bad multi-function switch have all kinds of weird problems with headlights, turn signals and brake lights to name a few. FYI…you seem to think that this problem is related to Pontiac. It’s not. The multi-function switches were installed in all GM products and they all have the same problems when they go bad.

I agree with Missleman. The most likely source of the trouble is the light switch that selects the two positions. Cleaning the switch contacts may eliminate the trouble if you can get to them.