Cleaning headlight lens

Our 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan with 185K is getting cloudy headlight lenses. How do we remove the lens and what is best to clean the plastic on the inside? Thanks

It’s usually the outside that gets cloudy. And you can use any polishing compound, headlight polish from the parts store, even toothpaste (I’m told) to restore them to almost new condition. I use a drill mounted buffing pad, water, and polishing compound.

Wax them after and the restored lenses will stay that way longer.

3M makes a kit for brightening up clouded headlights. Check local parts stores for availabilty.


MacQuires has a product called Plast-X, something like that, that works pretty good. Those headlight buckets are usually sealed and it’s impossible to clean the inside…

I saw a product for that in K-mart the other day, automobile section so I assume maybe you could find it in Sears also.