Head light discoloration article


Several weeks ago, there was an article about how to treat head light discoloration kit available at one of the automotive stores. Would you please send me a copy of this article?


assuming you are talking about YOUR headlights; have you looked closely at the lenses? is the ‘cloudy’ on the inside or the outside, or is the plastic itself cloudy.

many people make the mistake without diagnosing properly and try to acid clean the outside of the lense, when it is actually the inside simply being dirty and needing a simple cleaning.

i had this problem several years ago with my Chrysler van, and had to drill drain holes up into the bottom of the light housing to drain the water out, so it would stop clouding up on the inside. i also squirted bleach and water up into the inside of the light to clean the gunk off inside.


You could also check with the auto parts stores. I wish the auto makers would stop selling us these blinder cars. They don’t light up the road, they just blind the drivers. Headlights used to cost four dollars and you would get an ENTIRE new one. The new ones aren’t worth 35 times what the old ones were.


Cappy makes a good point. Moisture on the inside can look like plastic that is frosted. Assuming it is frosted plastic, you don’t need an article, just buy a kit and follow the instructions or you can use a plastic polish (like the stuff sold for the plastic windows in convertibles.)


I don’t know the kit you’re talking about, but I use Meguiar’s PlastX plastic polish on the clouded headlights of my parents Crown Victoria. It makes the headlights look like new!