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I drive a 2004 Acura RSX-S and both my headlights all of a sudden went out. My brights work but my normal headlights don’t work. Is this an electrical problem? What should I do?

Check your bulbs.

One low beam headlight may have gone out some time ago, but, you didn’t notice it. When, the second went out, you definitely noticed that. This does happen often (the not noticing part). Try one new bulb. If that works, replace the other one, also. If it doesn’t work, the low beam headlight RELAY may be bad. See if one of the other relays in the relay box will fit in the low beam headlight relay’s place. If it does, and the lights work, replace the relay.

The relays and fuses should be listed in your owner’s manual. I have an Accord and my manual shows a diagram and amperage for the relays and fuses.