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Nissan 240sx headlight trouble

I recently got this car from a friend, and when checking all the lights I noticed that only the high beams work, not the low beams. I replaced the lamps, and checked all the fuses, but the low beams still don’t work. Any ideas? This is my first car so I know little to nothing and need all the help I can get. Thanks!

Check the relays, too.

If you are going to keep the car then one of the best investments you can make in it is to purchase a service manual for it. It will help you fix problems like this. Ebay is a good source for them and factory manuals are priceless compared to other ones available.

You didn’t state the model year of the car. It would help to know that also. If the vehicle has daylight running lights and fog lights and the fogs work then the trouble is most likely with the DRL control module.

It’s an 89. I replaced the relay. That didn’t fix it. A friend suspects the interior headlight switch, but I’m afraid to disassemble the steering column to tinker with the switch.

I’ve got a Chilton repair guide on the way, so hopefully that will help me identify problems and solutions.