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Headlights on honda civic

i have a 2003 honda civic how can i make the lens of the lights better or clearer for my car, the plastic is not clear no more ,i tried plastic cleaner it did not work ,i hope i explained myself well
thank you

Any auto parts store will have a lens refinishing kit. Most work quite well.

And most detailing shops will do it for you for less than $100.

You explained yourself perfectly.

The lens refinishing kits are a great idea. They’ll contain primarily the cleaner and a sponge-based polishing pad for use in a hand drill. The cleaner/polisher is actually a microscopic abrasive suspended in a viscous media, just like the polishing compound used to do a final polish on a paint job. The sponge is just a buffing pad that will hold water to add lubrication to and loosen up the microscopic abrasive. Use plenty of water.

As counterintuitive as it sounds to use lubrcant on an abrasive, even metal cutting machinery uses lubricant to attain a clean cut (as well as cool the cutting tools). Lubrication and cutting does in-fact go hand-in-hand.

You need to determine if the problem is on the exterior of the lens or fogging on the interior of the lense. If the bulb assembly isn’t sealed properly you could have dirt and moisture inside the housing of the headlight. If the problem is strictly on the exterior there are products for clearing the lens.

If you’re cheap, you might try a cheap refinishing kit as discussed. If you want to spend a little more money, and having clear lenses is important to you, go to Amazon’s website and search for “2003 Honda Civic headlight lenses”. It’s less than a hundred bucks including shipping for a brand new pair with brand new bulbs and wiring harness. They’re normally easy to install, too. I bought a pair of headlights from a vendor named Headlight Depot on Amazon and was pleased with what they sent me. They fit like the ones I took out, and look a thousand times better. It’s probably cheaper to replace them than have a professional refinish your existing lenses, and the results will be better, too.