Car Headlights Staying On

My 2002 Elentra’s head lights have stayed on a couple of times now even after I’ve turned the switch off. Fortunately, both times the lights shut off by themselves after waiting a few minutes. There is no timer or anything like that to automatically shut off the lights, but this makes me nervous because they stay on after I shut off the car and obviously this could drain the battery. So I suspect a faulty circuit somewhere, is there something else it could be and should I have the car serviced?

Lots of cars have this feature to give you time to get you in the house before the turn off. My Camry does this. If I use the key fob and push it twice to lock the doors the lights go out. Don’t know if you have this feature, but it would be worth a try.

Maybe the headlight relay is sticking.

Perhaps this seems obvious, but, what does the owers manual say on this subject?

My 2002 Town & Country does this, if you turn off the ignition before turning off the lights. If you shut off the lights before turning off the key, they go off immediately.

I agree thats the most likely problem. Gotta hate intermittant problems.

Relays are cheap try replacing the low beam relay.

Your owners manual will give you the location. Probably under the hood.