Headlights and Maplights are both not working for Kia Forte 2013 EX Model

Both my headlights and my map lights didn’t turn on/seemed not to be working when I was driving home tonight, so I couldn’t see and had to use my high beams. I’m a grad student who doesn’t make much money, but I’m worried that both lights being out at the same time indicates a larger problem. Is there any reason why both would be out simultaneously?

I should also mention the green light that shows up on my dash when the headlights are on also wasn’t showing up – only the blue high beam icon when I switched to high beams.

I’d search the owners manual. There are more settings than ever for simple things like headlights on/off. You may have inadvertently changed a setting.

Have someone check the fuses and fusible links.

Both those circuits are hot all the time.

Which means they work if the ignition switch is off.

Open the glove box.

Does that light work?


Sadly the owner’s manual didn’t have anything, but I’m hoping money-wise it’s just a setting I may not have realized I turned off.

The glove box light works. I won’t be able to have someone look at it until Thursday night, so I’ll tell my friend to check the fuse/fusible link. Thanks.