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I have a 2003 Chevrolet Silverado and the bright lights won’t come on when you flip the signal light switch forward or backwards. Low beam lights come on when you turn on the key and when you turn them on with the light switch on the dash, but not the brights. Any idea where to start looking for the problem.


When you move the lever can you still feel/hear the “click” of the Hi/Lo switch,do you get the indicator for high beams in the cluster?

Make the fuse check (side of dash and under hood)

It is possible you have two burned bulbs.

It is most likely the switch, relay or fuse.  I suggest checking the fuse first since doing that is free and usually easy.  I would think the relay next and that switch last.  BTW don't overlook the possibility that both brights are burned out.  Often we don't notice when one burns out and only notice it when they are both out.

yes, I here and feel the click. When I move the lever toward the dash the bright light indicator in the dask doesn’t burns and the low beams go out, but when I move it toward me, the bright light indicator in the dash lights up, but the bright lights don’t burn.

thanks, I’ll check those

Does the blue indicator light up on your dash showing you have turned them on?

only when I pull the signal light switch toward me, when I push it in, the blue light does not come on.

Check the high beam fuse(s) and the high beam relay(s). Also check the bulbs. It’s unusual for both bulbs to burn out at the same time, but not impossible.

thanks, any idea where to find the relays