Headlight switch

how much trouble is it to replace a headlight and dimmer switch in a 2003 ford explorer sport and do i need any special tools tp get the dash apart?

Isn’t the headlight/dimmer switch on the turn signal stalk?


no it is in the dash beside the instrament cluster

Are you referring to the headlight dimmer switch (high beam/low beam) or the rheostat that dims the instrument cluster lights?

rheostat that dims the instrument lights.

The dash light dimmer is a very unusual thing to fail. Did you verify that the problem is not a fuse?

fuses are ok dash lights will go out if you play with the switch thay will come back on. may stay on for days then go out again, play with the switch and they come back on.

Get a can of spray contact cleaner from Radio Shack and spray it in around the switch.