94 Explorer- No headlights

Ok, here is the deal… My headlights don’t work. I have a 1994 Ford Explorer Limited with remote keyless entry, auto headlamps, auto dimming mirror. The auto system AND the headlight switch will only turn on the parking lamps. I replaced the headlight switch, and nothing. No blown fuses in the cab or under the hood. PLEASE HELP!!! I am pretty sure I am gonna get a ticker sooner or later for driving at night while holding a MagLite out the window. Thanks!

have you tested the bulb sockets with a multimeter to see if they’re getting power? If not, go back to the relay and test that. Keep working backwards until you find the part where power stops, and then replace that part.

If you’ve replaced the headlight switch and all the fuses are good, then all that’s left that can prevent the headlights from functioning is the dimmer/flash-to-pass switch.


Not true. There’s also the LCM, which is known to have such problems, or the autolamp module if 94 was before they switched to the LCM.

If the vehicle had a light control module, I would have mentioned it as a possible cause. But, a 1994 Explorer with the autolamp feature shows no LCM in the circuit.


I think it is the dimmer switch. I traced the power back to the relays, and there is power from the relay to the dimmer switch, but not out of the switch. If I pull it back the flash-to-pass works, but nothing else. Plus, I bypassed the switch and had lights. Gonna try that. Thanks for the advice and I’ll keep y’all posted.


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94 was a long time ago, and I’m sure you’re right. I can’t recall if the manual on circuit uses the relays in the autolamp module or if it is direct to the switch contacts.

it is the dimmer. Thanks!

It uses relays controlled by the photo cell behind the rear view mirror.