Headlight problem 2009 Mini

2009 Mini headlight issue. Has anyone experienced a broken headlight that shines toward the pavement? I was driving and hit a pot hole which broke a plastic strut inside the headlight. My concern is that this might be a defect in the engineering or manufacturer defect and that it is cost approximately $600+ each time this happens. It has happened to me twice. If you have experienced this, please post it here.

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Wow, must have been a heck of a pothole. I’d avoid them in the future. I’ve hit a few potholes, but only two were enough to do damage, to the rim and tire on one some 25 years ago, and just the tire on another one last spring. Both were fresh potholes and didn’t see them coming.

I was driving and hit a pot hole which broke a plastic strut inside the headlight.
It has happened to me twice.

I have not heard anything about this being a widespread problem. Might want to adjust your driving style. Eyes on the road.

Find an aftermarket part and have an independent mechanic fix it.

you will save at 50%.

Then avoid the potholes


I see a pair of headlight assemblies on Amazon for $170 for the halogen headlights. Just google “mini headlight assembly” for more options.

In the meantime try some JB weld on the broken strut.

Ed B.

Low profile tires strike again!

I hear you… I will now stop aiming for potholes :slight_smile: Seriously, I can’t believe that I am the only Mini owner that this has happened to. Mini has said that they will not replace the headlight which I believe is not a good response. Ed, thanks for looking up the headlights on Amazon.

Mini won’t replace it because it’s essentially collision damage.

You might try “Epoxy for plastic.” Keep layering it on over several days.

It would be best to remove the piece so you can do a better job at glueing thwe pieces back together.Take it out on a Saturday morning, glue it…skip shots with the girls Saturday night, and put it back in on Sunday afternoon.

And stop aiming at potholes.