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ok I was backing up and i hit a car and riped out the head light on the driver’s side no denting no broken glass how much would it cost to put the headlight back in i dont know the name of the car its a honda mini van

That’s impossible to say without knowing what car you hit. The headlight assembly on my car (just the part) is $600, so you could be in for money.

These lighting modules are molded of lexan, and they’re expensive. Tardis’ $600 is not atypical.

But, however much it costs, you’re obligated to let a professional body shop bring it back to good shape again with a proper repair. Whatever they quote, you’ll need to cough up. Well, at least the amount that exceeds your deductable.

It depends a lot on what got ripped out along with the head light. If nothing else, just the cost of the new headlight assembly.

…and realigning the headlight. If the impact was sufficient to break the Lexan, it was strong enough to knock the whole headlight structure out of proper alignment.