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Headlight adjustment for 63 stepside

what do I have to do to put new headlight adjusters in a 1963 Chevy Stepside? I can`t figure it out!

You remove the headlight buckets and mount the adjusters to the front bulkhead. Then mount the headlight buckets to the adjusters.

When you look closely at the chrome ring that holds the sealed beams in there are notches that allow access to the phillip head screws which tilt the headlight. Don’t jump in and turn the adjusters without some planning. With the truck parked on a level surface measure the distance from the pavement to the center of the bulb and move 10 or so feet directly ahead of the light and measure up equal to the center of the bulbs and then with the headlights on HIGH turn the screws to move the beams toward level and straight ahead. Ideally the driver’s side would be straight ahead and just below level and the passenger’s side just below level and pointed slightly to to the right (ditch). If you start there and then drive on a dark road you can set them to suit you.

Excuse me. I let myself run off the keyboard without paying close enough attention to the question.

Thank you. My problem is that I need to replace one of the adjusters.I have a replacement but can`t seem to figure out how or where to be able to put the plastic holder that holds the screw.I need to get behind the headlight,but,seems as if I would have to crawl underneath and take out a panel. Am I wrong or what?

If you remove the headlight bucket, you’ll find a square hole in the front bulkhead where the plastic nut pops in.


Thanks! Huge help…I love this site

Thanks for the help!

Those things should just push in. You just pull the old ones out. If they’re not broken, use pliers to break them. If the plastic or metal clips are in backward, unscrw them and put them in the other way. You shouldn’t have to go behind the bulkhead. I may be wrong about that one but you will figure it out. Don’t lose the spring on the other side of the headlight cup.

If you haven’t already bought new ones you might just unscrew the end, put it on backward and go from behind. I stop now. (applause)