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Headlights height

Hi guys. I was wondering if there was some chart that could be printed, or maybe some measures according to the vehicle dimensions, in order to verify the headlights’ height.

I know there are a pair of screws that adjust each beam’s height and tilt and I assume that a shop must have some sort of calibration equipment, but I wanted to know if that was something you can do at home.

Thanks in advanced.

If you have a flat driveway that points to your garage door, or something similar, you absolutely can adjust your headlight beams. A basic repair manual, Harnes or Chilton’s will contain the specfications for your car and directions on how to make the adjustments properly.

Sure! But it’s best to do it at night.

Locate a flat surface with a wall. Position the vehicle a foot from the wall with the low beams on. Take tape and make a cross at the center of the light beams. Back the vehicle up about twenty feet. On the left headlight you want the beam below the horizontal tape line of the cross and to the right of the vertical tape line. On the right headlight you want the beam below the horizontal tape line but still centered on the vertical tape line.