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Head Lights out Bright lights ok

2001 jeep cherokee limited 4 . switched to brights and when I turned the off headlights were out. dashboard lights , running lights and brake lights ok, both fuse boxes ok. whats next

Check the low beam relay in the fuse box under the hood.


True story…
Several years ago I had to use my wife’s car in the evening for a short trip. I noticed as it got darker that the low beams weren’t all that great. I switched to high beam and they weren’t as bright as I had expected they’d be, either.

I stopped the car with low beams on and got out to look at them. One side was out because a low beam filament had burned away. I threw on the high beams and took a look. The high beam on the opposite side was out because the filament had fried. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Long story, short version, had my wife kept driving she eventually would have had no low beams and/or no high beams as another light burned out. She was one filament short of total darkness.

Two new bulbs fixed it. Wow! I could see! Not sure if it helped my wife, ha, ha… :smirk:

Unless one checks frequently or drives where it’s dark (and is observant) this is what can happen.

So, if a temporary relay swap (with another of the same part number in a non-critical location in the fuse/relay box) doesn’t do it then examine the bulbs carefully.

That’s not nice to say about your wife.:joy:


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“She was one filament short of total darkness.”

It’s Okay. She’s a Trophy :trophy: Wife!

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