Lights go off

1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport

Driving down the road with high beams, and after about 30 seconds my headlights go out. I then switch the high beam off, and then turn off the switch that powers the headlights, turn it back on, and I get normal headlights back.

Thoughts on why this might be happening? Switch? Overheat somewhere?

I would say the most likely suspects are the switch or the relay if there is a single one for the headlights.

Does it have Daylight Running Lights? Not that I know for sure, but I was looking through the wiring diagrams for a Toyota Camry last week researching something else, and was surprised at how much wiring and hardware was used just to turn the headlights on when the normal switch is off. I wouldn’t be surprised if a failure in the more complex light switch or in one of the DRL relays could do any number of odd things.