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Head gasket

is steelseal any good for a slightly leaking head gasket

There is a remote chance it will stop or slow down a leak for “some period of time”.

I see two downsides:

1: If it does stop the leak, you don’t know when it will begin leaking again. It might let go at a inopportune time (far away from help, or in heavy traffic).

2: Any of those sealants that you pour into the radiator have been known to clog up heater cores or radiator passage-ways. Is that what you want?

They definitely have a fancy website ( with lots of tesimonials and “feel good” descriptions and promises.

I wouldn’t use it in my car.

thanks joe will take Your advice, wasn’t too sure, its only a slight oil leak at the moment, I have a 1997 clio and its in pretty good condition for its age and wasn;t quite sure if it was worth the cost of getting the head repaired.