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Does Steel Seal really work?

I’ve gone through a number of sites reading up on this question and found that most say it can’t work and I shouldn’t try it but would rather hear from someone that has actual experience with it. In prior similar posts there was a fellow by the handle Tester that says it does, what it is and why it works. I’m not looking to keep this vehicle long and if I get 5,000 miles out of it that’s plenty till I get the money together for a new car. What I’m wondering is if it will still hold true with the description of my problem. I hope Tester is still out here to answer it but anyone else with such experience and expertise I would welcome their input.

I have a problem with the bottom back of my radiator rusting and sealing solutions have been working on it. The most recent problem had been that my indicators don’t seem to be working to show any problems such as oil or overheating. I had the leak problem again but also smoke coming out of the top of my engine after a very short ride. I used the sealer again and it worked. I went out for another ride and the smoke was still coming out of my engine. I checked the oil and there was just a bit on the bottom. HOw should I handle this. Should I fill it with oil and use the steel seal or do I have another problem that I need to address. I really can’t afford the $1,000 to $1,500 to repair it if it’s a blown gasket or head and I don’t have the expertise or tools to do such repairs myself.

Steel Seal is just sodium silicate (water glass). This can be purchased at a pharmacy for about $20.00 a bottle.

I’ve used sodium silicate a number of times to stop head/head gasket leaks. The first time I used it for a head gasket leak was almost two years ago. And that vehicle is still being driven. But this should only be used if the leak is internal to the engine. Such as into one of the combustion chambers.

As far as other cooling system stop leak products, I just use black pepper. This works just as good if not better than anything that can be bought off the shelf.

There are just some vehicles that aren’t worth the time and money to do the repair correctly when a head gasket or radiator fails. And when that situation arises, these are the two products I use.


And remember, too much sealant will block the smallest passageways where fliud flow is needed.