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Leaking Head Gasket

I took my 2000 Chevy Blazer S10 back to the dealership after they replaced my radiator as it was close to over heating again. They diagnosed leaking head gaskets gave me an estimate of $2200 for the fix. I know I can price shop. I just spent $4000 on various repairs on this vehicle and another $2200 makes my skin crawl! My fiance found Steel Seal and I ordered it. Could this actually work?How long can I safely drive my Blazer after using this stuff? I want to but another SUV but need some time to save. Help Help Help!!

Thanks so much for any advice!

Tiffany S.

Aurora Co

It might postpone things, but it is more likely to cause more problems. 

If you know you can price shop, why did you have the dealer replace your radiator?

The question is, do you want to keep this vehicle another 3 - 4 years. If so, then go for the repair. I presume they are quoting you $2200 since they replaced the radiator for $4000 which didn’t fix it and that should only have cost $2000. If you are shoping around for another, use the sealant and hope it will work and carry you for another few months

I would not use the sealer. At best, it will only last a short while and may damage your new radiator. Have the vehicle repaired or sell it “as-is” and get another one.

I had been to 6 mechanics to get estimates on ALL repairs my vehicle needed about 5 months ago as I was considering selling it and wanted to evaluate the situation. The mechanic I chose was very reasonable in price and seemed trustworthy. I decided to do repairs and keep it based on what they said initially. After the first repairs a month later another issue surfaced and so on until I have now spent about $4000 on the car I wanted to sell. I took it to the dealership because I was hoping they were not going to create more problems when they fixed the radiator which was about $700. I was very wrong.

No I do not want to keep it at this point, I didn’t want to keep it 5 months ago. The radiator was about $700. Thanks for the advice.

What experience with the Steel Seal?

What is your experience with Steel Seal?