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Head gasket and Timing Chain - '02 Toyota

We have a small leak at the head gasket of an '02 Camry. If we’re replacing the head gasket, should be replace the timing chain at the same time?

Which engine do you have? The 4cyl had a chain, but the 6cyl has a belt. If you have the 6cyl then YES you are overdue to change the timing belt.

Without telling us how many miles are on your car or how long you plan to keep it we can’t give you an intelligent answer.

If you have high miles and it costs only an additional $75 for a new chain, then it sounds like a reasonable idea.

What symptoms do you have from the head gasket?

It is the 4 cyl and has 227,000. We would like to get at least another 50K from the car. Sorry to omit important information.

Has anyone heard of a problem with 4 cyl. Toyota head bolts stripping causing coolant leaks? Has Toyota offered you any remedy? (