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What is the best way to clean the plastic back window of a convertible top? I’ve tried lots of cleaners but nothing works. The window is “cloudy” and hard to see out of.

Usually when the plastic rear window on a convertible gets cloudy it is because of rubbing when opened and closed plus UV sunlight. Replacement is called for.

Here’s the product you want to use.


Tester-Not familiar with that product but on the convertibles we had we did manage to clean one a little but it split shortly after that.

Have you ever replaced the roof? If not, it is at least 21 years old and probably needs to be replaced. I would guess that if it is the second roof as well. Try @Tester’s suggestion, but don’t be surprised if you need to replace the window soon, and maybe the entire roof.

Can you use a sewing machine? :smile:

Perhaps she can.
Men, as we know, can’t use a sewing machine because they can’t…mend straight.


Wait a minute!!!

I sew. If I didn’t nothing around here would ever get fixed.

My dad was the same. He did more mending than my mom did. Not that she didn’t know how…she made her own Square Dance Dresses. Those must have been a chore to sew.

My wife only knows how to use that Iron-on mending tape.


I polished mine with Meguir’s plastic polish, a foam buffing pad on a drill. It took a while and wasn’t perfect when I was done, but I could see out of it. I HATE thoseplastic windows! When I put on a new top (Honda S2000) and switched to glass as one was available for my car.

Sold that S2000 2 weeks ago to a very happy young man that wanted one since he got his drivers license.

I sew too, when the need arises. As a matter of fact, I once made a suit complete with a fully lined long-tailed jacket, double breasted, with knickers with a zipper, pockets, and belt loops. And the damned thing fit beautifully. I even made the hat. It was actually a leprechaun suit for a St. Patty’s day event at Children’s Hospital for a terminally ill child whose parents were friends and were Irish.

But I digress. If the OP can sew, and has a machine capable of sewing heavy materials, replacing the rear window with plastic from the fabric store isn’t unrealistic. I’ve sewn heavy plastic to make pocketed wrench packets and other tool storage packets, and it sews very easily even on a standard machine. I know this sounds like a challenge, but having completely reupholstered a living room set, I can tell you that it’s entirely doable with the machine, basic sewing knowledge, and an adventurous spirit. I wouldn’t hesitate to try it.

I know his sounds a bit nuts, but it is an option to consider.

I can’t sew either. I tried getting the dang machine apart to replace a part and never could figure it out. I manage to do a button or two but that’s about it. Now if you go into an auto upholstery shop, it seems a lot of these folks sewing are guys though.

I hope that everyone realizes that I was joking about men not being able to sew.
Just in case you didn’t get the joke, trying saying “mend straight” to yourself several times by running the two words together, and you might then get the joke.

No, it wasn’t a very good joke…

I sew…but not very well. Sewing machines, just like crochet needles, are a mystery to me. I want to keep it that way.

Sewing can be a useful tool.