Hazard button/ignition problem

My hazards dont work, my turn signals dont flash but stay solid when hazard button is pushed. Car wont turn off until i push button to turn hazards off.

1947 Studebakers are known for that.

How about telling us bout the car? Make, model, year, mileage and any maintenance or other problems that might help point us in the right direction. Has the car been in an accident, is it a salvage title? Was an alarm system added? Were bigger speakers/amp added?

Burned out bulbs or shorted/corroded wiring can lead to the lights not flashing. Not turning off is a real wild card.


Not turning off is a real wild card.

 Never heard that one before.

Its a 02 honda accord 3.0 liter v6 with a salvaged title. And it had an amp and sub but i took them out. It has the security system it came with from honda.

No wild card here.

Salvage title, needs to be returned to the salvage yard


There is almost no way to give decent advice on a Salvage vehicle over the web . This thing is 18 years old and it could be very costly for an vehicle electrical shop to find the problem . Time to just bail and replace it with something else.

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As a retired person who likes puzzles and has some mechanical skills, I would take this project on. (I have a 1999 Civic that still looks and runs quite OK after I rehabbed it from being totaled.) If you don’t see doing it yourself, you might be able to find a shop who specializes in electrical work, or an unemployed or retired person who’d give it a go. Many cities have auto electric shops - usually they work on parts that are brought in, but they might take your car and have one of their people work on it.

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Do you want to fix it yourself? If so, you need a wiring schematic for the car. You need to concentrate on the ignition inside the car and maybe turn signal stalk. When you removed the amp and subwoofer, did you have to rewire the harness? You should check that first, using the schematic as reference.

Why was it salvaged? Sometimes you can find out depending on what state the salv. title was issued. If it was junked because it was in a flood, just get rid of it. You’re gonna spend enough trying to fix all the headaches that you could just get a non-salvaged good used car for the money.

Hopefully replacing the flasher module will fix the flashers and turn signal issue. Check to see if the ignition switch is working correctly for the other issue you are having with the ignition. The switch contacts may be shorted somehow.

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Some after market stuff was removed? Put a power point into a gm van for a spotlight, tapped into power supply for a 2 way radio, off when ignition was off, guy tells me the van would not turn off if the light was plugged in. Wierd stuff happens.

Since i only paid $250 for it and it has 125,000 miles. I think i will try to find problem. And it was salvaged because the front passenger side hit something

It could be anything with a salvage title. The shock during the crash could jar a lot of things loose that are a partial failure, but eventually fail completely. We call that latent failure in my business. It could be damage to electronics or wiring. I might start inspecting all the wires in the offending circuits, then move on to electronics in these circuits.