Last Straw for my 2001 Honda Accord coupe

Well my 2001 Honda Accord is not starting. Engine cranks but wont turn over, battery is fine (as far I can tell). Radio, lights, …all come on but it just won’t turnover. Not a mechanical bone in my body, so I have no clue. So what do I do now, 131,000 miles, body and interior great for 01, v6,EX… and I’m not spending a red cent to repair. So who can I sell it to??? Has a salvaged title.

If you don’t want to fix the car, you basically have two options: sell it to a junkyard for about $200, or sell it on Craigslist as a “mechanic special” for $500 to $800. I would go the Craigslist route, but if time is more important than money, then I guess selling to a junkyard would be the choice.


If the car is really in such great shape, why refuse to spend a red cent on it? It could be something simple, like a neutral safety switch, a relay, or a fuse.

Good luck selling a car that has a salvage title. You might have to sell it for scrap.


If he’s currently driving the car (before it broke down) it’s actually not a salvage title–it’s a restored salvage title, and most people do not mind that on an older car.

Thanks bcohen2010, …yes I’ve been driving it every other week until today.

Just to clear up the terminology, crank and turn over mean the same thing. They mean the starter is turning over the engine. What you mean is, it won’t start.

If you are not willing to spend one red cent to save a good running, good shape Honda accord your options are junk or Craigslist as others have said. No one is going to pay you good money for a non running 19 year old car with a salvage title.

Why would you expect other people to spend money to find out what is wrong with your car if you won’t. They will assume you know the car is not worth fixing.


I think you should at least pay for a shop to diagnose the problem so that you’re making an informed decision here.


The engine wouldn’t crank if it were a neutral safety switch.



Good chance it’s the PGM-FI relay (AKA fuel pump relay).
Give the left (driver side) under panel of the dashboard a firm rap.
If it starts, drive to a dealership and buy a new relay.
Then look under the dashboard for the widget that looks like the new one.

One I was in a grocery store parking lot returning to my car and a woman with two restless kids was cranking her Accord and looking very frustrated.
I don’t give unsolicited advice or help as a rule, but I took a chance and offered assistance.
I reached down and gave the dashboard a whack, it started right up, and I gave her the same advice I give you.
She thought I was a magician. :mage:


OP could try the key dance: Off to Run and listen for the fuel pump to run a couple seconds. No run? The relay is suspect. You hear it run? Repeat this cycle a few times, then turn all the way to Start. If the engine has lost fuel pressure, the key dance will get it back up so the engine can start and run.


Thanks… I think I’ll at least find out what’s wrong. It isn’t my primary vehicle, been keeping it as an emergency vehicle since I don’t have rental coverage on my 17 Sorrento.

Yeah ,…maybe you’re right. Thanks. Just frustrating.

Are you serious???..if so ,sure I’ll try it

Key dance…hmmmm. Thanks, that’s why I posted the question, … I’ll try anything.

Yes, serious. Think outside the box.
Back in the 1980s I worked in a shop repairing and calibrating electronic test equipment.
There was an old Army tech guy when certain pieces of gear came in he’d know what failed without even turning it on.

Okay,… I will give it try first thing in the a.m., i’ll let you know what happens. Fingers crossed.

You know that rental car coverage is much, much cheaper than registering and insuring a second car. Fix the Accord if it is cheap enough and sell it.


Thanks… I really appreciate the advice. I’ll let you know what the ACCORD repair cost… and if reasonable I will try and sell it.

Yeah, bad fuel pump relays are VERY common with older Hondas. I might just replace it with a new one to avoid the trip to a mechanic. They’re $28-$42 at Rockauto, you might check local sources.

Here’s an assortment of prior posts about it:

OH… a trip to the mechanic is definitely happening. I don’t do any car repairs, …I’ll have my guy replace it up my local auto shop. THANKS