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Have you seen the Instant Shade Awning?

This product provides wonderful and needed shade for at-home mechanics who don’t have the luxury of a shade tree to tinker under. No more sun burning at your back. Just pop the awning to the hood of your car or truck and work in a cool dark shade. It is available at Questions and feedback are appreciated.

Thanks, I love Spam!

I can get a small, cheap tarp for 10 bucks and save 90 dollars while accomplishing the same thing so why bother with mail order.

And you’re no doubt in the business of selling these things.

Yeah, based on the OP’s screen name, I think that it is pretty definite that she is using this forum to pimp her product.

About a week or so ago someone provided a link with the obligatory statement about being able to run a car on water.
The seller’s business name was mentioned and a look at the company shows their main source of income, other than hydrogen generators, is awnings.

Since the company is a husband/wife venture I wonder if Shadylady is the wife half resurfaced.

It’s crap. It’s overpriced and unnecessary. If I was going to put up a tarp to block the sun, it would not be a dark color. I guess you want these tarps to detoirate in the sun so people have to buy more of them.

The reason everyone is verbally abusing you is that you are abusing the forum. Its function is to provide advice and moral support for those with car problems. It is not intended for, nor should it be used for, peddling products.

Find another free ride for your advertising.