Have you ever driven a sports car with a tonneau cover?

Have you ever driven a car with a tonneau cover on?

No I have never had a car with a tonneau cover on, I had a nova with a vinyl roof once, for 27 years, never liked the tonneau cover on the boat, so the cover is still in the garage. The boat runs every year faithfully, only goes 45 mph, new plug wires next year as 1 is cracked from lifting the housing on and off, a little electrical tape and it was back up to full power for a 90 horse, so the daughter could take off slalom skiing, I suppose you are trying to say something like hey look at me, I am just too cool?

Sure, lots of times. The half that was ON covered the right side of the cockpit.

Can you fit a friend and 2 sets of clubs, if not useless.

They have a zipper up the middle so the drivers half can be opened up and the half-cover dropped behind the seat…They protect the cockpit completely when parked without putting the top up…My TR-3 had one and it was pretty handy…

Of course it is. It’s an MG.

Yes, it was a '67 Austin Healy 3000 MKII. The covers are made so you can do this.

Why in the world would you need a tonneau cover for a Porsche Boxster?
It has an electronically operated top that opens and closes in about 30 seconds.

Also, everyone here should know that there is a MAJOR computer located under the driver’s seat that if rain gets into the car, it will short out the computer, and cost the owner several thousands of dollars to have replaced.

I wouldn’t risk it on a Boxster for any reason, no matter how cheap the cover was, nor how effortless the cover is for install and removal to make the car drivable.


Yes on a 61 Fiat Cabriolet. I always thought it cool when the guys with MG’s did this, the Fiat resembled an MGB, but it turned out to sound like you had your head inside a kettle drum. Only did it once.

With a full tonneau cover on? No. You can’t drive a car that way.

With half a tonneau cover on? Yes, many times.