Have I ruined my clutch?



I was towing about 2000 pounds up a steep, rutted, unpaved road with my Toyota Tacoma 4 X 4 this afternoon. I had it in high four-wheel drive and first gear. It stopped moving forward and when it came to a stop there was a lot of foul-smelling smoke coming from underneath the cab. I put it in low four-wheel drive and drove home without a problem. Everything seemed to work just fine for the next 15 miles at which time I was home and parked it.

Was that smoke from my clutch? If so, do you think I ruined it, damaged it, or wore it badly? If it wasn’t my clutch, what do you think it might have been?




My guess is the clutch was slipping, and burning. You have shortened its life a bit, but if you’re lucky that’s all.

You probably should have been in low range.


Thanks, I guess that’s what it was. Yeah, it did fine after I put it in low 4X4. Now I’m wondering what sort of symptoms of early clutch trouble I may experience after smoking my clutch this way.


If the clutch is not slipping under normal use, I don’t think you should worry about it. If it starts slipping, then you will need a new clutch.