Smoke under hood after teaching kid to drive manual

I was teaching my daughter to start my manual transmission 1996 Toyota Corolla on hills, silly me. After several minutes of effort, smoke poured out from under hood, with smell of burning rubber. Still smells several days later when I drive it.

That is your clutch lining. Some cars it really stinks even with the slightest slippage(my wife’s Legacy GT wagon) others you really need to do some damage to get that.

And you’ve made no attempt to lift the hood and pinpoint the source? Do so and get back to us. Check for charred electrical insulation, oil spills, drips underneath, worn tires, overheated brake rotors; anything unusual.

It’s the clutch. It got smoked. Toyota does use very tough clutches, and you’ve probably just shortened the life of the clutch, but it will still work for a while. Depending on how hard you scorched it, it may stink for a week or more. If you visibly saw smoke, then it is as bad as it gets. Count on the smell for a bit longer.

Hee hee. When I was about 11, I remember my sister smoking our new 58 Chev when she was learning to drive. Then chugga chugga chugga. We knew it was the clutch and the smell went away and we avoided hills as best we could after that.