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Have any body experiencing speedometer shaking

The model is 2016 porsche cayenne. Everytime I start the engine, the speedometer shake about 15 seconds and then go back to normal. Have anyone had this situation before. Yesterday I changed the oil and filter, the problem is still here.

Not sure why you thought an oil change would effect the speedometer but you have a Porsche that not every shop can work on . First see if you are still under warranty but still have it looked at by a certified Porsche shop.

It’s still under warranty. I went to the Porsche dealership and had a multi point inspection, they didn’t find any problem. That is really weird…

Did you specify that you are having this particular issue with your speedometer?
A multi-point inspection is probably not going to involve looking at your speedometer’s functioning unless you mention that you are having that problem.
For warranty purposes, you want it on record that you have complained about this problem.


use your phone to record it. i bet dealer would see it and say huh? thats odd.

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Do you mean your speedometer needle shakes? As in a self test sort of thing that isn’t working properly? I dunno… Some speedos do a needle sweep of the entire range before settling down into the ready mode.

I would also agree with @VDCdriver you need to direct attention to this issue… An inspection doesn’t normally have this on the checklist of things to look at, unless you tell them.

Which is kind of a neat visual effect .

I can’t think of any reason that changing the oil would have any bearing a speedometer issue.

Chances are that it’s an electrical/electronics issue, and you’re probably going to want to have the dealer take a look at it, as this may require some specialized/proprietary troubleshooting tools.

… and which can frequently be toggled on or off. At least that is true with my Outback.

I expect that’s a problem of some sort in the car’s electronics or actuators. If still under warranty make sure this is documented before he warranty expires. Whatever the problem is can be diagnosed and fixed, but that may prove to be quite expensive, so you want it to occur on the dealer’s dime, not yours.

The problem could be the hairspring inside the speedometer. Hairspring holds the ‘speed cup’ inside mechanical speedometers and if they break or become loose, the pointer can jump abruptly on the dial. I will advise to swap your speedometer with a known good one to see if the same cable performs fine with it. If it does, you know that your old gauge is at fault.

Do you honestly think that Porsche was still using mechanical speedometers in 2016?

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I don’t care if this gets flagged . For crying out loud Donna what is wrong with you . First of all I doubt if Porsche uses a cable and the vehicle is still in the warranty period .


Yes, the first thing I said is the speedometer problem. And I showed them the video, they said it’s weird…

Thank you!, I will make a new appointment and have a check with electronics and actuators.