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Speedometer erratic, needle jumps up and down as I speed up..?

First of all i want to thank all o you that provided excellent possible solutions to my carburetor problem starting cold, but then after it was warmed up or hot, not starting again after 5 minutes, 15 or an hour later. Finally solved problem by process of elimination, had to tear down carburetor and cleaned out again all jets, ports, etc…found smaller than sand particles had clogged jets…! Why they went through the in-line gas filter, who knows…replaced it…put carburetor back together again…and…so far it’s starting at all times and running perfect. Thanks again for the input.

My new dilemma is troubleshooting my erratic speedometer, once I shift from Neutral to Drive and accelerate…the speedometer immediately starts to jump up and down…even at higher speeds…? What is best way to pin point problem…or…should I just replace the speedometer cable? If I need to replace the cable, where can I get one for my '54 Olds 98 holiday hrdtp…or do they have universal cables that will work for my car…or…shops that will rebuilt or make one for me…? All help is appreciated, thanks

If an internet search proves unproductive, try picking up some street rod magazines. Companies that specialize in these types of parts advertise there.

I know of noo way to determine if it’s the cable or the meter other than changing the cable. The cable is the most likely candidate.

So far internet search has been unproductive for cable replacement…currently checking internet for speed shops or the like that restore or manufacture new cable to fit my car…Thanks for the input ‘MountainBike’.

There used to be a universal cable available from Champ or Help if my memory serves me correctly.

Reach around behind the speedometer or remove the instrument cluster to gain access and disconnect the speedometer cable from the speedometer. Pull out the inner cable, clean and inspect it, coat it with light grease, or M/C cable lube and put it back together. That should cure it…

The speedo cable for those old cars is like a spring. If it hangs up somewhere due to poor lubrication when it releases there is pent up energy so it “over releases” and creates the needle bounce you see on the speedo. This is first a lubrication issue. If more lubrication doesn’t do the trick then you need a new cable.

Motorcycle shops sell cable lubricants. This is a system where you take off both ends of the cable and then attach a “gizmo” to the most accessible end. You attach a pressurized can of lubricant to the gizmo and shoot lubricant all the way until it exits at the other end of the cable. If you get the fluid from one end all the way to the other your problem should be solved. If not, then you need a new cable.

Caddyman, UncleTurbo…thanks for the input…! This weekend, I’ll be disconnecting cable from speedometer and checking inner cable and lubricating accordingly…if problem persists, I’m off to the hunt for a new cable…! Thanks, ‘pete peters’ for the info…if the above doesn’t work, can I google ‘Champ’ and ‘Help’…or is ‘Help’ .within the ‘Champ’ site…? Thanks again guys…I’ll report outcome next week…

Pulling the cable out to lube it can be messy. Coil the cable into a rag so it doesn’t contact the interior. I’ve never seen uncle Turbo’s specific “lube in a can” but it should work if you can find it. I know you can buy white lithium grease in an aerosol with a thin red “straw”. That should work well too. I’d suggest squirting it from the speedo end so you don’t get the lube all over the interior.

Next week, you will be reporting that it worked.

Thanks to all input to solve my speedometer cable problem…took cable of both ends…removed inner cable and lubricated thouroughly with ‘white lithium grease’…two brands on the market ‘3 & 1’ and ‘liquid wrench’…used ‘liquid wrench’ was more easily available at auto parts houses. Anyway, success…mission accomplished, speedometer working great…! Thanks again all…